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Underwater Communication - Skills for a New Way of Diving - Hard Copy English

How to communicate underwater by having the best results and how to organize the communication between team members or instructors/guides and students using state of the art of the underwater communication.

The Neptune System Training Program (NSTP) is designed to teach the safe usage of the OCEAN REEF full face masks and underwater communication system. The NSTP literature has been developed by the R&D department of OCEAN REEF with the support of Course Directors, Trainer Instructors and Instructors around the world. It  is a friendly step-by-step learning program of “why” and “how” to use / teach with an OCEAN REEF full face mask, its accessories and the communication units.

Available training material:

The final goal of the NSTP is to train the instructors to handle their underwater courses by interacting with their students. This is a powerful tool for training, education , safety and enjoyment.

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