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HOSE PACK (code OR030005)

Ocean Reef has created this pack in collaboration with Team Blue Immersion to meet the needs of IDM tech divers that want to move at any moment to di erent con gurations (side mounting, back mounting). Thanks to quick connections, dual tank valve and the IDM, tech divers can switch gases easily and with a streamline, modi able con guration. The di erent length hoses included are also designed so that divers with di erent body sizes can choose which one is more comfortable for them by switching them around. Quick connections on your hoses diminish the number of regs needed for a more comfortable dive. Also included all the material to: hang hoses and equipment on your BC’s, label your cylinders – for the most streamlined con guration possible.

Here in the drawings are two con gurations suggested by TBI. Yellow hoses are for spare second stage and red hoses for primary. schermata-2016-12-14-alle-11.24.01.pngschema-hoses-pack-.png










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