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Gamma Alpha Audio Video U/W Comm System - NTSC

The Gamma Alpha is a hardwired audio and video communication system. The ultrasonic wireless unit of the Gamma 105 is replaced by an Alpha Pro X-DIVERS full duplex unit. The surface unit may be connected by audio and video to two divers. The audio characteristics are the same as the Alpha Pro X-DIVERS. The installed 7” LCD color monitor displays the video feed coming from the underwater camera of diver 1 or diver 2. It is possible to switch the video(s) to external monitors/recorders (there are 3 different possibilities of video recording: diver 1 through video out plug #1, diver 2 through video out plug #2, or a third option where one can record the same images you see in the 7 inch monitor. The unit consists of:

Surface unit with:
> 7 inch 16:9 color LCD monitor, brightness and color controls
> On/off and speaker volume adjustment switch
> Speaker
> Microphone
> Switch for communication between surface & diver 1,
surface & diver 2, surface & diver 1 & diver 2
> Headset port (headset optional)
> Audio/video recall from divers
> 12V rechargeable battery + battery charger
> 2 plugs for audio connections to divers
> 2 plugs for video connection to two divers
> 3 video out plugs
> Underwater unit volume adjustment (for both divers)
> Switch for the video: 2 positions to show the video of
diver 1 or diver 2
> External power charger, 12V (cable optional)
> Stand-by autonomy: 24h
One Professional surface/diver cable (50 meters -165
ft long) (if sold separately code OR033134)

The Cable includes a yellow rope exterior. The cable’s diameter is 10mm with a resistance of more than 4000 newton’s. The cable includes a waterproof rubber 6 pin connector. The Professional cable is also available at any length on request. A carry-bag is available with the cable and sold separately as an accessory.

One Underwater unit (if sold separately code OR033135)

> Waterproof piezoelectric speaker
> D-Mic microphone
> Full duplex system
> Audio/video recall button

One video cable with yellow rope surface/diver cable (50 meters -165 ft long) (if sold separately code OR008575).

One CCD micro video camera with underwater housing may be attached to any Neptune Space mask or held by the diver. (If sold separately code (OR008573 NTSC,OR008574 PAL).

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