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P3 FILTER - M400-40 SP 


Air Filter

Required Adapter

Ocean Reef APA Aria Protective Adapter

Compatibility Ocean Reef

Compatible Ocean Reef Full Face Snorkel Mask's:

Aria QR+, Aria Classic, Aria Jr


All Current & Past Ocean Reef Branded Products Regardless of Size & Color


Head Full Face Snorkel Mask's:

Sea Vu Dry (1), Sport

Protection Against

Gases Vapors & Particles

Highly Toxic or Highly Irritant Particulates

Higher Levels of Dust, Solid & Liquid Aerosols

Airborne Viral & Bacterial Threats


Filter Housing & Plugs: Polypropylene

Sorbents: Activated & Impregnated Carbon

Particle Filter: Micro Glass Fibers, Cellulose-Fibers

Outer Diameter

4.15" (108.5mm)

Height (incl thread & plugs)

2.95" (75mm)


Approximately 11.2 oz. (318 g)

***  All P3 Filters  are FINAL SALE -  NO RUTURN or REFUND ***

How long does a filter last?

The service life of a respiratory filter depends on its size and on the conditions of use. Factors affecting service life:

• concentration of the contaminants

• combination of the contaminants

• air humidity

• temperature

• duration of use

• breathing rate of the user

Since the service life is influenced by many factors, it is not possible to give an estimated service life.

The end of service life is generally recognizable by:

• gas filters by a noticeable taste or smell of the contaminant

• particle filters by an increased breathing resistance

• combination filters a noticeable taste or smell and/or an increased breathing resistance

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