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M-105 Digital Transceiver Surface Unit W/battery tester

The M105 Digital is a surface to diver communication unit which allows surface personnel to talk with divers in the water and vice versa. The unit uses a 6V DC lead battery, allowing up to 48 hours of operation, or may be hardwired to a 12V DC source. The system is activated only when the transducer is connected, preventing unwanted loss of battery power. To start communication, the transducer must be lowered into the water; the standard cable length for the transducer is 10m (33 ft). Transmission is activated by pressing the microphone button, which will emit a short beep letting divers know transmission is about to begin. It will return to receive mode when the button is released.

The M105 Digital comes standard with the following items:
 > Headphone connection
 > Volume control
 > Speaker
 > Water resistant case w/ pressure compensation valve
 > Battery charger
 > Easy to read LED battery tester which shows the
    power status of the battery
 > Transducer cable bag
 > 10 meter (33 ft) antenna
 > Microphone

Available accessories:
 > Audio out cable (code 8590)
 > Headset (code 8589)
 > External power cable 12V (code
 > Tuner for >50 meters M105 Antenna
    (code OR008609)
 > Splitter for connection of 2 antennas
     at M105 or M105DC (code OR023001)
 > Mixer for audio output (code

It is possible to purchase a “portable” battery tester (code OR023003) for previous M105 BASIC units. A portable 9V battery tester is also available (code OR023002) for all GSM G.divers, GSM DC, GSM G-Power and M101A G.divers units.

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