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GSM MERCURY Underwater Wireless Communication Unit - Mask sold separately

The most advanced ultrasonic wireless underwater communication unit OCEAN REEF has ever made. This unit is blending 4 different OCEAN REEF units into 1.

You have the extended range of the Gpower, the like-stereo sound of the GSM SL, the clearness and double channel option of the DC and the battery life of the Gdivers. Plus, it's foldable and easy to operate with a brand new rechargeable, changeable battery and new design.

Digital, double channel unit. +250m/800ft range depending on conditions.

30 h + operating time with rechargeable, changeable, micro usb charging battery, included. 

Volume control, voice menu, easy 2 buttons system to navigate the menu and operate the unit. DAT hands free communication mode.

Works with all older OCEAN REEF comm units models and most competitor frequencies of operation. 

Completely new PTT design with D-mic integration. Fully integrated with mask and extender frame. 

DAT (Digital Activation Transmission)
This automatic activation system is an exciting innovation in underwater tabell-1.jpgcommunication exclusively from OCEAN REEF. The DAT™ system allows the option of transmitting in a hands-free mode rather than manual mode. Keep pressed the blue lever for 2 seconds to enter the program Mode. Press once the blue lever and hear DAT OFF. Press the yellow button to activate DAT MODE. Press the blue lever to exit program mode. The unit is now set in automatic transmission/ receiving cycle. To exit DAT MODE simply press the yellow button. A series of impulses are sent out, automatically keeping the unit in transmit mode for 30 seconds. After the initial 30 seconds of transmit mode, the unit will return to receive mode for 20 seconds accompanied by a series of impulses in a different tone from the first. DAT™ is useful when it is necessary to have both hands free while transmitting, making diving more comfortable and safe. Another benefit of the DAT™ system comes in the case of an emergency; by activating the DAT™ a series of impulses will emit every 30-20-30 seconds, which can be received at a great distance by search and rescue workers and other divers.





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