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The GSM G-Power SL Extender is a version of the GSM G-Power which also includes a headset. This unit has all the same features as the GSM G-Power, including: range of operation, excellent autonomy, audio and volume adjustment, main unit surface treatment, and includes a twin speaker headset. This unit can be used with the OCEAN REEF MHA-2 headset adapter which comes with the Extender Kit package. The headset, made with two special speakers, is connected to the main unit by a cable and waterproof rubber connector. The main unit can be attached to the jacket shoulder by using the included and incorporated stainless steel clip. The underwater rubber connection makes it possible to disconnect the unit from the headset/mask system during a dive. This unit is especially recommended for divers working in loud environments.

*Mask sold separately

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Width: 12.00
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Depth: 6.00
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