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(code OR033132, includes surface and UW unit +50 meter cable and bag)

The Alpha Pro X-DIVERS is a hardwired, full-duplex underwater communication system for conversations between the surface and one or two divers. The system consists of the following items:

Surface unit (if sold separately code OR033133)
 > 2 ports for 2 communication cables
 > On/off and volume adjustment switches
 > Microphone
 > Switch for communication between surface & diver 1,
     surface & diver 2, surface & diver 1 & diver 2
 > Headset port (headset optional)
 > External 12v power port (cable optional)
 > Battery charger port
 > Audio/video recall
 > Incorporated speaker
 > 12V rechargeable battery
 > Underwater unit volume adjustment (for both divers)
 > Stand-by autonomy: 24h
 > Professional surface/diver cable (50 meters -165 ft long) (if sold separately code OR033134)

The cable includes a yellow rope exterior. The cable’s diameter is 10mm with a resistance of more than 4000 newton. The cable includes a waterproof rubber 6 pin connector. The Professional cable is also available at any length on request. A carry-bag is available with the cable and sold separately as an accessory.

Underwater unit (if sold separately code OR033135)
 > Waterproof piezoelectric speaker
 > D-Mic microphone
 > Full duplex system
 > Audio/video recall button

By adding an additional surface/diver cable and underwater unit, the Alpha Pro X-DIVERS may communicate with two divers at the same time. It is also possible for the surface to switch between each of the divers. (Possible configurations: surface/diver 1, surface/diver 2,  surface/diver 1/diver 2. If the unit is set for surface/diver 1/diver 2, the two divers would also be able to communicate with each other.) Headset + Mic for Alpha Pro X-DIVERS (code OR023004) Connected to the Alpha Pro XDIVERS surface unit allows for a full duplex conversation, bypassing the unit speaker.

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